Music and Wine, two engines that give life to this project.

Trabun, Place of Encounter in native language marks the spot where these two passions meet. Since 2006, the goal has been to elaborate wines faithful expression of the Requinoa terroir, in the Cachapoal Valley, respecting the fruit character of the vineyard.


Requinoa is part of the Cachapoal Valley and it is located 100 km south from Santiago over an old branch of the Cachapoal river at an altitude of 400-450 meters above sea level (1,500 to 2,000 ft.) with alluvial thin soil of low fertility. Requinoa is known for heading the coldest area in the Valley. The proximity to the Andes produces in summer during the night a cold mass of air that blows and goes down into to the valley, by day the sector is refreshed by winds from the southwest, giving moderate temperatures, cooling down the temperature of the vines, allowing a slow and proper ripening of the grapes.

Trabun Vines